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Much of Taekwondo is communicated in the Korean language. This establishes a standard so that Taekwon-do students can visit any Do-jang in the world and understand what is said. Learn more...

Etiquette is an essential spirit in Taekwon-Do training. Although the tenets of Taekwon-do and the Student Oath form the basis of etiquette for the Takeown-do practitioner, there is much more – it is a code of ethical behavior and respect for our fellow man. The Takeown-do practitioner should display proper etiquette in and out of the school. Within the school, students should follow the school rules. Learn more...

A collection of recommended books related to Taekwon-do and martial arts in general. Learn more...

Uniforms and Gear

All students should train in a uniform. Official school uniforms cost as $30. We recommend that each student purchase two uniforms since we train twice a week.

Southbury Taekwon-do takes safety very seriously so before any student can spare, they must put on protective gear such as gloves and a helmet. While the school does have a limit quantities of protective gear that it can lend out during a class, we strongly recommend students purchase gear for their personal use.

Except for the class for ages 5 - 7, all students should have a uniform, mouth guard, head gear, gloves, foot pads, and male students should have groin protection. Chest and shin protection is optional. Student ages 5 - 7, should have a uniform, mouth guard, head gear, and gloves.

            "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." - Mahatma Gandhi

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