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Some Benefits of Taekwon-do

While those of us who practice Taekwon-do realize and appreciate the many benefits of practicing a martial art, you don't need to take our word on it. Here are some links to sources that describe the many benefits to those who take martial arts:

Frequently-Asked Questions

How will my child benefit from taking Taekwon-do?

Taekwon-do can have a positive impact on many areas of your children's life. The self-discipline that develops as a result of learning and practicing the techniques usually carries over into other areas of the child's life. School grades often improve as your child learns to focus on objectives and to work toward achievement. The self-discipline and self-respect which Taekwondo develops can provide your child with the skills and mindset necessary to resist peer pressure. Many parents also see that their child becomes more cooperative, respectful, and better behaved at home and in social settings.

Taekwon-do does not make kids violent. It is about peace, respect, and integrity. Taekwon-do teaches how to avoid fights - not pick them.

It should be noted that not all martial arts provide the same benefit as Taekwon-do. According to psychology researchers from Bar-Ilan University and UCLA who investigated what effects martial arts training had on youths' aggression, anger, and violence, Taekwon-do was cited as one of the martial arts that shows promise in reducing aggressive tendencies in youth. According to their study, it is clear that traditional martial arts, such as Taekwon-do, that stress proper behavior and respect, are most beneficial in reducing anger and violent behaviors. More "modern martial arts" such as Mixed Martial Arts, don't offer the same benefits and, in fact, can actually increase aggression.

How will I, an adult, benefit from taking Taekwon-do?

In addition to learning how to protect yourself, Taekwon-do contributes to increased aerobic capacity, balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength — plus you have fun.

A study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine reported on the benefits of martial arts for the middle-aged population. The study found significant benefit to your cardiorespiratory fitness and showed that the difference in flexibility between the practitioners and the non-practitioners was 114 percent. This and other studies have shown that martial artists had superior quadriceps strength, and amongst elderly practitioners, this increased strength becomes noticable as quickly as a mere 6 months.

Flexibility and balance become increasingly important as you age. Every year, thousands of elderly people are injured in falls every year, and as you age the injuries that can result from falls become worse, and even life threatening. It is not uncommon to hear of an elderly person who has fallen and broken their hip. By practicing Taekwon-do — at any age — you can make such injuries less likely and less detrimental if they do happen.

It is important to note that the benefits of Taekwon-do involve more than your muscles. Not only do you have more energy, you are more productive because exercise releases endorphins, which makes you feel happier and combats stress. Unlike running on a treadmill, Taekwon-do are not boring. It is an interactive activity that calls for discipline and focus. It has been proven that martial artists have better social savvy and less anxiety than the general population. Their bodies are resilient, resonating, and healthy. Their mind-body connection is superior.

What does it cost?

For Southbury residents, tuition is only $145 for the first family member and $120 for each additional family member. Non-residents pay an additional $20 per semester.

There are four semesters per year with each semester spanning approximately 11-12 weeks. We do not charge for tests. We do not charge for new belts when a student is promoted. Apart from your uniform and personal safety equipment, such as sparring gear, what you pay for tutition is all that you ever need to pay.

Our tuition is about a third of what you would pay at many private martial arts schools in the area. We are able to avoid high tuitions and additional charges because we operate through the town's Parks and Recreation Department so we use the town's facilities rather than rent space.

How much does the uniform cost? What about sparing gear? Where can I get get these?

Student uniforms vary somewhat depending upon size but generally cost around $20-$30. Student uniforms come with a white belt. You can purchase uniforms and other equipment from All students should have the following sparing equipment: mouth guard, gloves, foot gear, and head gear. This sparring equipment typically costs from $50 - $150 depending upon the size, options, and if you purchase the items separately or in a bundle. There are links on our Equipment page that offer some suggestions on where you can purchase a uniform and gear at reasonable prices. Prior to the COVID pandemic, we were able to purchase traditional Taekwon-do uniforms for our students at cost. As of the time of this writing, it was unclear if our uniform supplier was still in business. We will update you as we learn more

Where and when are classes held?

All classes are held at the Parks and Recreation Building located at 561 Main Street South​, Southbury, CT on Mondays and Wednesdays:

  • 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm Beginners (Ages 7 through Adult)
  • 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Advanced (Ages 7 through Adult)

Can I take classes with my child?

Of course!

What if I am out of shape?

No one is pushed to perform beyond what they can handle. Regardless of your physical condition or athletic ability, the belt system used in Taekwon-do allows students to train at their own pace and improve their physical condition gradually. Most new students see significant improvements after just a few months of training.

Is it safe?

Yes! While there are always inherent risks of injury in any sport or martial art, the school is committed to ensuring student safety. Class begin with a thorough stretching routine and protective safety equipment is used when appropriate. Students are shown techniques in a step-by-step manner by knowledgable black belt instructors.

What's the difference between TaeKwon-Do, Karate, Kung Fu, and other martial arts?

One obvious difference is which country each martial originated in. Taekwon-do comes from Korea, Karate comes from Japan, and Kung Fu comes from China while other martial arts trace their origins back to ancient Greece. Regardless of the origin of each martial art, the more important differences include:

  • The use of weapons (or the lack thereof) and if weapons are used then by type of weapon (swordsmanship, stick fighting etc.)
  • The type of combat (grappling vs. striking, stand-up fighting vs. ground fighting)
  • How forcefully a defending martial artist counters the force of an attack in armed and unarmed combat ("hard" vs. "soft"
  • Any focus on mental techniques or spiritual pursuits

TaeKwon-Do is a "hard striking martial art" that, while including some grappling and locks, is focused on stand-up fighting without the use of weapons and has a strong ethical component.

Are there different versions of TaeKwon-Do?

Yes, there several versions of TaeKwon-Do. The two major styles of Taekwondo are Chang Hon (the "military" version as practiced by the Taekwondo International and the Global Taekwondo Federation) and Kukkiwon (the "sport" version as practiced by the World Taekwondo Federation and the Olympic games). While the two versions have a great deal of overlap, there are several significant differences. Chang Hon Taekwon-Do has more emphasis on forms, sweeps, and self-defense than the sport version while the sport version emphasizes point sparring more than does the Chang Hon version. Chang Hon utilizes a more traditional approach of blocking before counterattacking. The sport version used an attack-counterattack approach that relies greatly on synchronizing attacks and using intricate footwork rather than blocking.

Southbury Taekwon-Do teaches Chang Hon Taekwon-Do.

      "A brave man, a real fighter is not measured by how many times he falls, but how many times he stands up." - Rickson Gracie

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