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Student Uniforms

Although not formally required, all students should train in a uniform. We recommend having two uniforms since we train twice a week. You may purchase a uniform on your own or you can order an official school uniform from the school.

Prior to the COVID pandemic, we were able to purchase traditional Ch'ang Hon uniforms for our students at cost. As of the time of this writing, it was unclear if our uniform supplier was still in business. We will update you as we learn more.

Official school uniforms are $30 and come with a white belt and patches. To order uniforms, please send an email message to with the quantity to order and the size. Sizes are based upon the inseam of the leg:

Inseam Size
13" - 16" 000
17" - 18" 00
19" - 20" 0
21" - 22" 1
23" - 24" 2
25" - 26" 3
27" - 28" 4
29" - 30" 5
31" - 34" 6

Please note that the uniforms will run big until they are washed a few times.

If you purchase a uniform yourself, you may find the cost to be as little $17 with the typical price of between $20 - $30 before shipping & handling. School and union patches are available for $5 each from the school. If you purchase a uniform yourself, please make sure that the uniform is all white, unless the student has earned a black belt. Student uniforms normally come with a white belt while colored belts are given to students by the school as they progress in rank. Uniforms may be either "V-neck" or "Wrapped."

Below are some suggested uniforms that you can purchase from Click on any of the images to taken to the Amazon site. Make sure to check the manufacturer's size chart to get the proper length for the student's height since sizes may vary a lot between manufacturers.

Pro Force 6 oz. Elastic Drawstring Lightweight Student Uniform Tiger Claw 6 OZ Essential Tae Kwon Do (TKD) Uniform

Protective Gear

Southbury Taekwon-do takes safety very seriously so before any student can spare, they must put on protective gear such as gloves and a helmet. While the school does have a limit quantities of protective gear that it can lend out, we strongly recommend students purchase gear for their personal use.

Except for students in the Tikes class, all students should have a mouth guard, head gear, gloves, and foot pads. Males students should also have a groin protection. Students in Tikes class should have at least head gear, gloves, and a mouth guard.

Mouth Guards:

Don't bother with high-priced mouth guards since a $4-$10 mouth guard works just as well. The better mouth guards allow you to mold it to the student's teeth after heating the mouth guard in very hot water for 10-20 seconds. You may wish to purchase a carrying case for the mouth guard. Mouth guard should be cleaned with mouthwash at least once a week, if not with each use. We recommend having a spare mouth guard available in case one accidentally drops on the floor during class.

Below are some suggested mouth guards that you can purchase from Click on any of the images to taken to the Amazon site.

Moldable Mouth Guard 4 Pack Moldable Mouth Guards with Case

Hand Gear (sparring gloves):

Gloves may be of any color but should entirely cover the fingers. Most student gloves are made of foam with a vinyl coating. Mixed Martial Arts gloves (fingerless or half finger boxing gloves, grappling mitts, etc.) are not allowed. You should write the student's name or initials on each piece of equipment. Gloves can vary a lot in price but can be as inexpensive as $10 - $20 a pair.

Below are some suggested sparring gloves that you can purchase from Click on any of the images to taken to the Amazon site.

Foot Gear (sparring boots):

Foot gear may be of any color. Make sure that the toes are completely covered. Some gear include shin pads but, while recommended, are optional. You should write the student's name or initials on each piece of equipment. A pair of boots typically costs between $8 and $30.

Below are some suggested sparring boots that you can purchase from Click on any of the images to taken to the Amazon site.

Head Gear (sparring helmets):

Head gear may be of any color. Most helmets are made of foam with a vinyl coating. A clear plastic face shield for the head gear is optional but highly recommended. Head gear typically costs around $15 - $20 without a face shield and upwards of $60 for a helmet with a face shield.

Groin Protection:

Groin protection is not required except for males during sparing.

Sparring Gear Combos:

You can save a lot by purchasing a bundle. These typically run from $50 - $150 depending upon the size, number of pieces and options.

Optional Equipment

While the following items are not required, they are popular among students and come recommended.

Balance Pad to improve balance, coordination, strength, core muscles, motor-skill training, overall stability and help prevent injuries. Double-Sided Kicking Pad, set of 2, to be used for target kicking practice to enhance accuracy and develop stronger strikes; Built-in boards inside the pads produce a loud striking sound when hit helping you measure the efficiency of your kicks and accuracy of your strikes. Punching mitt to sharpen ones technique.
Re-breakable Practice Boards: just slide together and start breaking! Thick vinyl-covered foam gives protection over the entire chest, sternum, top of shoulder, and kidney area. Large Striking Pad for punches, kicks, elbow strikes, etc.

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